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  • v2.2: Observability Overhaul

    2023-08-04 in Releases

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    v2.2.0 Get started with bash -c "$(curl -fsSL" Release Note: Highlight Monitoring Dashboards Overhaul: …

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  • FinOps: Endgame Cloud-Exit

    2023-07-06 in Cloud Exit

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    At the SACC 2023 FinOps session, I fiercely criticized cloud vendors. This is a transcript of my speech, introducing the ultimate FinOps concept — cloud-exit and its best practice. TL; DR Misaligned FinOps Focus: Total Cost = Unit Price x Quantity. …

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  • PostgreSQL, The most successful database

    2023-06-28 in Postgres

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    The StackOverflow 2023 Survey, featuring feedback from 90K developers across 185 countries, is out. PostgreSQL topped all three survey categories (used, loved, and wanted), earning its title as the undisputed “Decathlete Database” – …

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  • SLA: Placebo or Insurance?

    2023-06-12 in Cloud Exit

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    In the world of cloud computing, Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are seen as a cloud provider’s commitment to the quality of its services. However, a closer examination of these SLAs reveals that they might not offer the safety net one might …

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  • v2.1: Vector Embedding & RAG

    2023-06-09 in Releases

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    v2.1.0 PostgreSQL 12 ~ 16 support and pgvector for AI embedding. Highlight PostgreSQL 16 beta support, and 12 ~ 15 support. Add PGVector for AI Embedding for 12 - 15 Add 6 extra panel & …

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  • NewSQL: Distributive Nonsens

    2023-05-07 in Database

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    WeChat Column As hardware technology advances, the capacity and performance of standalone databases have reached unprecedented heights. In this transformative era, distributed (TP) databases appear utterly powerless, much like the “data middle …

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  • EBS: Pig Slaughter Scam

    2023-03-15 in Cloud Exit

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    We already answer the question: Is RDS an Idiot Tax?. But when compared to the hundredfold markup of public cloud block storage, cloud databases seem almost reasonable. This article uses real data to reveal the true business model of public cloud: …

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  • v2.0: Free RDS PG Alternative

    2023-02-26 in Releases

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    v2.0.0 “PIGSTY” is now the abbr of “PostgreSQL in Great STYle” or “PostgreSQL & Infrastructure & Governance System allTogether for You”. Get pigsty v2.0.0 release via the following command: curl -fsSL …

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  • RDS: The Idiot Tax

    2023-01-30 in Cloud Exit

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    Winter is coming, and big tech companies are starting to lay off employees, entering a mode of cost reduction and efficiency increase. As public cloud databases, often referred to as the “slaughterhouse knives” of the cloud, continue to …

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Posts in 2022
  • v1.5.0 Release Note

    2022-05-19 in Releases

    v1.5.0 Highlights Complete Docker Support, enable on meta nodes by default with lot’s of software templates. bytebase pgadmin4 pgweb postgrest kong minio,… Infra Self Monitoring: Nginx, ETCD, Consul, Grafana, Prometheus, Loki, …

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