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  • S3: Elite to Mediocre

    2023-12-26 in Cloud Exit

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    Object storage (S3) has been a defining service of cloud computing, once hailed as a paragon of cost reduction in the cloud era. Unfortunately, with the evolution of hardware and the emergence of resources cloud (Cloudflare R2) and open-source …

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  • Reclaim Hardware Bonus from the Cloud

    2023-11-16 in Cloud Exit

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    Hardware is interesting again, with the AI wave fueling a GPU frenzy. However, the intrigue isn’t limited to GPUs —— developments in CPUs and SSDs remain largely unnoticed by the majority of devs. A whole generation of developers is obscured by cloud …

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  • FinOps: Endgame Cloud-Exit

    2023-07-06 in Cloud Exit

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    At the SACC 2023 FinOps session, I fiercely criticized cloud vendors. This is a transcript of my speech, introducing the ultimate FinOps concept — cloud-exit and its best practice. TL; DR Misaligned FinOps Focus: Total Cost = Unit Price x Quantity. …

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  • SLA: Placebo or Insurance?

    2023-06-12 in Cloud Exit

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    In the world of cloud computing, Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are seen as a cloud provider’s commitment to the quality of its services. However, a closer examination of these SLAs reveals that they might not offer the safety net one might …

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  • EBS: Pig Slaughter Scam

    2023-03-15 in Cloud Exit

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    We already answer the question: Is RDS an Idiot Tax?. But when compared to the hundredfold markup of public cloud block storage, cloud databases seem almost reasonable. This article uses real data to reveal the true business model of public cloud: …

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  • RDS: The Idiot Tax

    2023-01-30 in Cloud Exit

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    Winter is coming, and big tech companies are starting to lay off employees, entering a mode of cost reduction and efficiency increase. As public cloud databases, often referred to as the “slaughterhouse knives” of the cloud, continue to …

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