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  • v2.7: Extension Overwhelming

    2024-05-20 in Releases

    Featured Image for v2.7: Extension Overwhelming

    The Pigsty community is thrilled to announce Pigsty v2.7.0, which has 255 unique extensions available, to the free PostgreSQL distribution and RDS alternative. We also have introduced some new docker-compose templates for Odoo, Jupyter, PolarDB, and …

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  • v2.6: the OLAP New Challenger

    2024-02-22 in Releases

    Featured Image for v2.6: the OLAP New Challenger

    v2.6.0 Highlight Use PostgreSQL 16 as the default major version (16.2) Introduce ParadeDB extensions: pg_analytics, pg_bm25, and pg_sparse Introduce DuckDB and corresponding foreign data wrapper: duckdb_fdw Cloudflare CDN and …

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Posts in 2023
  • v2.5: Debian / Ubuntu / PG16

    2023-10-24 in Releases

    Featured Image for v2.5: Debian / Ubuntu / PG16

    v2.5.0 curl | bash Highlights Ubuntu / Debian Support: bullseye, bookworm, jammy, focal Dedicate yum/apt repo on and mirror on Anolis OS Support (EL 8.8 Compatible) PG Major Candidate: Use …

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  • v2.4: Monitoring Cloud RDS

    2023-09-14 in Releases

    Featured Image for v2.4: Monitoring Cloud RDS

    v2.4.0 Get started with bash -c "$(curl -fsSL". Highlights PostgreSQL 16 support The first LTS version with business support and consulting service Monitoring existing PostgreSQL, RDS for PostgreSQL / PolarDB …

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  • v2.3: Ecosystem Applications

    2023-08-20 in Releases

    Featured Image for v2.3: Ecosystem Applications

    v2.3.0 PGSQL/REDIS Update, NODE VIP, Mongo/FerretDB, MYSQL Stub Get started with bash -c "$(curl -fsSL" Highlight INFRA: NODE/PGSQL VIP monitoring support NODE: Allow bind node_vip to node cluster with …

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  • v2.2: Observability Overhaul

    2023-08-04 in Releases

    Featured Image for v2.2: Observability Overhaul

    v2.2.0 Get started with bash -c "$(curl -fsSL" Release Note: Highlight Monitoring Dashboards Overhaul: …

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  • v2.1: Vector Embedding & RAG

    2023-06-09 in Releases

    Featured Image for v2.1: Vector Embedding & RAG

    v2.1.0 PostgreSQL 12 ~ 16 support and pgvector for AI embedding. Highlight PostgreSQL 16 beta support, and 12 ~ 15 support. Add PGVector for AI Embedding for 12 - 15 Add 6 extra panel & …

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  • v2.0: Free RDS PG Alternative

    2023-02-26 in Releases

    Featured Image for v2.0: Free RDS PG Alternative

    v2.0.0 “PIGSTY” is now the abbr of “PostgreSQL in Great STYle” or “PostgreSQL & Infrastructure & Governance System allTogether for You”. Get pigsty v2.0.0 release via the following command: curl -fsSL …

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Posts in 2022
  • v1.5.0 Release Note

    2022-05-19 in Releases

    v1.5.0 Highlights Complete Docker Support, enable on meta nodes by default with lot’s of software templates. bytebase pgadmin4 pgweb postgrest kong minio,… Infra Self Monitoring: Nginx, ETCD, Consul, Grafana, Prometheus, Loki, …

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  • v1.4.0 Release Note

    2022-03-31 in Releases

    v1.4.0 Architecture Decouple system into 4 major categories: INFRA, NODES, PGSQL, REDIS, which makes pigsty far more clear and more extensible. Single Node Deployment = INFRA + NODES + PGSQL Deploy pgsql clusters = NODES + PGSQL Deploy redis …

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