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PostgreSQL In Great STYle”: Postgres, Infras, Graphics, Service, Toolbox, it’s all Yours.

—— Battery-Included, Local-First PostgreSQL Distribution as an Open-Source RDS Alternative

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About Pigsty

Learn about Pigsty itself: features, values, history, license, privacy policy, events, and news.

Getting Started

Get Pigsty up & running based your resources and needs: preparation, provision, download, configure, and installation


Learn about core concept about Pigsty: architecture, cluster models, infra, PG HA, PITR, and service access.


Detailed information and list: supported OS distros, available modules, monitor metrics, extensions, cost compare & analysis, glossary

Module: PGSQL

The most advanced open-source relational database in the world with HA, PITR, IaC and more!

Module: INFRA

Independent modules which providers infrastructure services: NTP, DNS, and the modern observability stack ——Grafana & Prometheus

Module: NODE

Tune nodes into the desired state and monitor it, manage node, vip haproxy, and exporters.

Module: ETCD

Pigsty has built-in etcd support, which is a reliable distributive consensus storage (DCS), empowering PostgreSQL HA.

Module: MINIO

Pigsty has built-in MinIO support. MinIO is an S3 OSS alternative which is used as an optional PostgreSQL backup repo

Module: REDIS

Pigsty has built-in Redis support, which is a high-performance data-structure server. Deploy redis in standalone, cluster or sentinel mode.

Module: MONGO

Pigsty has built-in FerretDB support, which is a MongoDB compatiable middleware based on PostgreSQL.

Module: DOCKER

Docker Daemon services, which allows you to pull-up stateless software in additional to PostgreSQL.


Look up common tasks and how to perform them using a short sequence of steps


Docker compose template for software using PostgreSQL, and data visualization Apps

Release Notes

Pigsty release note history

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