PGAdmin4: PG Admin GUI Tool

Launch pgAdmin4 with docker, and load Pigsty server list into it

pgAdmin4 is a useful PostgreSQL management tool. Execute the following command to launch the pgadmin service on the admin node:

cd ~/pigsty/app/pgadmin ; docker-compose up -d

The default port for pgadmin is 8885, and you can access it through the following address:



Public Demo:。

Credentials: [email protected] / pigsty


cd ~/pigsty/app/pgadmin   # enter docker compose dir
make up                   # launch pgadmin container
make conf view            # load pigsty server list


make up         # pull up pgadmin with docker-compose
make run        # launch pgadmin with docker
make view       # print pgadmin access point
make log        # tail -f pgadmin logs
make info       # introspect pgadmin with jq
make stop       # stop pgadmin container
make clean      # remove pgadmin container
make conf       # provision pgadmin with pigsty pg servers list 
make dump       # dump servers.json from pgadmin container
make pull       # pull latest pgadmin image
make rmi        # remove pgadmin image
make save       # save pgadmin image to /tmp/pgadmin.tgz
make load       # load pgadmin image from /tmp

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