Software & Tools

Software and tools that use PostgreSQL can be managed by the docker daemon

PostgreSQL is the most popular database in the world, and countless software is built on PostgreSQL, around PostgreSQL, or serves PostgreSQL itself, such as

  • Application software” that uses PostgreSQL as the preferred database
  • Tooling software” that serves PostgreSQL software development and management
  • Database software” that derives, wraps, forks, modifies, or extends PostgreSQL

And Pigsty just have a series of Docker Compose templates for these software, application and databases:

Name Website Type State Port Domain Description
Supabase Supabase DB GA 8000 supa.pigsty OSS Firebase Alternative, Backend as Platform
PolarDB PolarDB DB GA 5532 OSS RAC for PostgreSQL
FerretDB FerretDB DB GA 27017 OSS Mongo Alternative base on PostgreSQL
MinIO MinIO DB GA 9000 sss.pigsty OSS AWS S3 Alternative, Simple Storage Service
EdgeDB EdgeDB DB TBD OSS Graph Database base on PostgreSQL
NocoDB NocoDB APP GA 8080 noco.pigsty OSS Airtable Alternative over PostgreSQL
Odoo Odoo APP GA 8069 odoo.pigsty OSS ERP Software base on PostgreSQL
Dify Dify APP GA 8001 dify.pigsty OSS AI Workflow Orachestration & LLMOps Platform
Jupyter Jupyter APP GA lab.pigsty OSS AI Python Notebook & Data Analysis IDE
Gitea Gitea APP GA 8889 git.pigsty OSS DevOps Git Service
Wiki Wiki.js APP GA 9002 wiki.pigsty OSS Wiki Software
GitLab GitLab APP TBD OSS GitHub Alternative, Code Management Platform
Mastodon Mastodon APP TBD OSS Decentralized Social Network
Keycloak Keycloak APP TBD OSS Identity & Access Management Component
Harbour Harbour APP TBD OSS Docker/K8S Image Repository
Confluence Confluence APP TBD Enterprise Knowledge Management System
Jira Jira APP TBD Enterprise Project Management Tools
Zabbix Zabbix 7 APP TBD OSS Monitoring Platform for Enterprise
Grafana Grafana APP TBD Dashboard, Data Visualization & Monitoring Platform
Metabase Metabase APP GA 9004 mtbs.pigsty Fast analysis of data from multiple data sources
ByteBase ByteBase APP GA 8887 ddl.pigsty Database Migration Tool for PostgreSQL
Kong Kong TOOL GA 8000 api.pigsty OSS API Gateway based on Nginx/OpenResty
PostgREST PostgREST TOOL GA 8884 api.pigsty Generate RESTAPI from PostgreSQL Schemas
pgAdmin4 pgAdmin4 TOOL GA 8885 adm.pigsty PostgreSQL GUI Admin Tools
pgWeb pgWeb TOOL GA 8886 cli.pigsty PostgreSQL Web GUI Client
SchemaSpy SchemaSpy TOOL TBD Dump & Visualize PostgreSQL Schema
pgBadger pgBadger TOOL TBD PostgreSQL Log Analysis
pg_exporter pg_exporter TOOL GA 9630 Expose PostgreSQL & Pgbouncer Metrics for Prometheus

Dify: AI Workflow and LLMOps

How to use Pigsty to build an AI Workflow LLMOps platform — Dify, and use external PostgreSQL, PGVector, Redis as storage?

Odoo: OSS ERP for Enterprise

How to self-hosting the eopn source ERP – odoo

Supabase: Self-Hosting OSS Firebase

How to self-host Supabase with existing managed HA PostgreSQL cluster, and launch the stateless part with docker-compose?

Kong: the Nginx API Gateway

Learn how to deploy Kong, the API gateway, with Docker Compose and use external PostgreSQL as the backend database

Jupyter: AI Notebook & IDE

Run Jupyter Lab in container, and access PostgreSQL database

Gitea: Simple Self-Hosting Git Service

Launch the self-hosting Git service with Gitea and Pigsty managed PostgreSQL

Wiki.js: OSS Wiki Software

How to self-hosting your own wikipedia with Wiki.js and use Pigsty managed PostgreSQL as the backend database

Minio: OSS AWS S3 Alternative

Launch minio with docker for testing & development

ByteBase: PG Schema Migration

Self-hosting bytebase with PostgreSQL managed by Pigsty

PGAdmin4: PG Admin GUI Tool

Launch pgAdmin4 with docker, and load Pigsty server list into it

PostgREST: Generate REST API from Schema

Launch postgREST to generate REST API from PostgreSQL schema automatically

SchemaSPY: Dump & Visualize PG Schema

Dump & visualize PostgreSQL schema with SchemaSPY

PGWeb: Browser-based PG Client

Launch pgweb to access PostgreSQL via web browser

Discourse: OSS Forum Software

How to self-hosting open source forum software – Discourse, and use external PG managed by Pigsty

GitLab: OSS GitHub Alternative

How to self-hosting GitLab, and use external HA PostgreSQL cluster?

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