Pigsty REDIS module frequently asked questions

ABORT due to existing redis instance

use redis_clean = true and redis_safeguard = false to force clean redis data

This happens when you run redis.yml to init a redis instance that is already running, and redis_clean is set to false.

If redis_clean is set to true (and the redis_safeguard is set to false, too), the redis.yml playbook will remove the existing redis instance and re-init it as a new one, which makes the redis.yml playbook fully idempotent.

ABORT due to redis_safeguard enabled

This happens when removing a redis instance with redis_safeguard set to true.

You can disable redis_safeguard to remove the Redis instance. This is redis_safeguard is what it is for.

How to add a single new redis instance on this node?

Use bin/redis-add <ip> <port> to deploy a new redis instance on node.

How to remove a single redis instance from the node?

bin/redis-rm <ip> <port> to remove a single redis instance from node

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