Module: DOCKER

Docker Daemon services, which allows you to pull-up stateless software in additional to PostgreSQL.

Deploy docker on Pigsty managed nodes: Configuration | Administration | Playbook | Dashboard | Parameter


Docker is a popular container service which provides standardize software deliver solution.


Docker module is different from other modules, which does not require pre-configuration to install & enable.

Just run the docker.yml playbook on any Pigsty managed node.

But if you wish to add docker daemon as prometheus monitoring target, you have to specify the docker_enabled parameters on those nodes.


Using Mirrors

Consider using docker mirror registry, log in with:

docker login    # entering your username & password


Docker monitoring is part ot NODE module’s responsibility, to register docker target to prometheus.

You have to define docker_enabled on nodes, then re-register them with:

./node.yml -l <selector> -t register_prometheus

Compose Template

Pigsty has a series of built-in docker compose templates.


There’s one playbook to install docker on designated node:


The playbook docker.yml will install docker for the given node.

Subtasks of this playbook:

  • docker_install : install docker on nodes
  • docker_admin : add user to docker admin group
  • docker_config : generate docker daemon config
  • docker_launch : launch docker daemon systemd service
  • docker_image : load docker images from /tmp/docker/*.tgz if exists


There are 4 parameters about DOCKER module.

Parameter Section Type Level Comment
docker_enabled DOCKER bool C enable docker on this node?
docker_cgroups_driver DOCKER enum C docker cgroup fs driver: cgroupfs,systemd
docker_registry_mirrors DOCKER string[] C docker registry mirror list
docker_image_cache DOCKER path C docker image cache dir, /tmp/docker by default


Pigsty Docker module metric list


Pigsty Docker module frequently asked questions

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