The Pigsty project roadmap, including new features, development plans, and versioning & release policy.

New Features on the Radar

  • Maintaining Deb packages for Pigsty extensions
  • ARM architecture support for infrastructure components
  • Adding more extensions to PostgreSQL
  • A command-line tool that’s actually good
  • More pre-configured scenario-based templates
  • Migrating package repositories and download sources entirely to Cloudflare
  • Deploying and monitoring high-availability Kubernetes clusters with SealOS!
  • Support for PostgreSQL 17 alpha
  • Loki and Promtail seem a bit off; could VictoriaLogs and Vector step up?
  • Swapping Prometheus storage for VictoriaMetrics to handle time-series data
  • Monitoring deployments of MySQL databases
  • Monitoring databases within Kubernetes
  • Offering a richer variety of Docker application templates

Here’s our Issues and Roadmap

Versioning Policy

Pigsty employs semantic versioning, denoted as <major version>.<minor version>.<patch>. Alpha/Beta/RC versions are indicated with a suffix, such as -a1, -b1, -rc1.

Major updates signify foundational changes and a plethora of new features; minor updates typically introduce new features, software package version updates, and minor API changes, while patch updates are meant for bug fixes and documentation improvements.

Pigsty plans to release a major update annually, with minor updates usually following the rhythm of PostgreSQL minor releases, aiming to catch up within a month after a new PostgreSQL version is released, typically resulting in 4 - 6 minor updates annually. For a complete release history, refer to Release Notes.

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