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The name of this project always makes me grin: PIGSTY is actually an acronym, standing for Postgres In Great STYle! It’s a Postgres distribution that includes lots of components and tools out of the box in areas like availability, deployment, and observability. The latest release pushes everything up to Postgres 16.2 standards and introduces new ParadeDB and DuckDB FDW extensions.

Release Event

Version Time Description Release
v2.7.0 2024-05-16 Extension Overwhelming, new docker apps v2.7.0
v2.6.0 2024-02-29 PG 16 as default version, ParadeDB & DuckDB v2.6.0
v2.5.1 2023-12-01 Routine update, pg16 major extensions v2.5.1
v2.5.0 2023-10-24 Ubuntu/Debian Support: bullseye, bookworm, jammy, focal v2.5.0
v2.4.1 2023-09-24 Supabase/PostgresML support, graphql, jwt, pg_net, vault v2.4.1
v2.4.0 2023-09-14 PG16, RDS Monitor, New Extensions v2.4.0
v2.3.1 2023-09-01 PGVector with HNSW, PG16 RC1, Chinese Docs, Bug Fix v2.3.1
v2.3.0 2023-08-20 PGSQL/REDIS Update, NODE VIP, Mongo/FerretDB, MYSQL Stub v2.3.0
v2.2.0 2023-08-04 Dashboard & Provision overhaul, UOS compatibility v2.2.0
v2.1.0 2023-06-10 PostgreSQL 12 ~ 16beta support v2.1.0
v2.0.2 2023-03-31 Add pgvector support and fix MinIO CVE v2.0.2
v2.0.1 2023-03-21 v2 Bug Fix, security enhance and bump grafana version v2.0.1
v2.0.0 2023-02-28 Compatibility Security Maintainability Enhancement v2.0.0
v1.5.1 2022-06-18 Grafana Security Hotfix v1.5.1
v1.5.0 2022-05-31 Docker Applications v1.5.0
v1.4.1 2022-04-20 Bug fix & Full translation of English documents. v1.4.1
v1.4.0 2022-03-31 MatrixDB Support, Separated INFRA, NODES, PGSQL, REDIS v1.4.0
v1.3.0 2021-11-30 PGCAT Overhaul & PGSQL Enhancement & Redis Support Beta v1.3.0
v1.2.0 2021-11-03 Upgrade default Postgres to 14, monitoring existing pg v1.2.0
v1.1.0 2021-10-12 HomePage, JupyterLab, PGWEB, Pev2 & Pgbadger v1.1.0
v1.0.0 2021-07-26 v1 GA, Monitoring System Overhaul v1.0.0
v0.9.0 2021-04-04 Pigsty GUI, CLI, Logging Integration v0.9.0
v0.8.0 2021-03-28 Service Provision v0.8.0
v0.7.0 2021-03-01 Monitor only deployment v0.7.0
v0.6.0 2021-02-19 Architecture Enhancement v0.6.0
v0.5.0 2021-01-07 Database Customize Template v0.5.0
v0.4.0 2020-12-14 PostgreSQL 13 Support, Official Documentation v0.4.0
v0.3.0 2020-10-22 Provisioning Solution GA v0.3.0
v0.2.0 2020-07-10 PGSQL Monitoring v6 GA v0.2.0
v0.1.0 2020-06-20 Validation on Testing Environment v0.1.0
v0.0.5 2020-08-19 Offline Installation Mode v0.0.5
v0.0.4 2020-07-27 Refactor playbooks into ansible roles v0.0.4
v0.0.3 2020-06-22 Interface enhancement v0.0.3
v0.0.2 2020-04-30 First Commit v0.0.2
v0.0.1 2019-05-15 POC v0.0.1

Conferences and Talks

Date Type Event Topic
2023-12-20 Live Debate Open Source Musings, Episode 7 Cloud Up or Down, Harvesting Users or Reducing Costs?
2023-11-24 Tech Conference Vector Databases in the Era of Large Models Roundtable Discussion: The New Future of Vector Databases in the Era of Large Models
2023-09-08 Exclusive Interview Motianlun Notable Figures Interview Feng Ruohang: A Tech Fanatic Who Doesn’t Want to Be Just a Meme Maker Isn’t a Good Open Source Founder
2023-08-16 Tech Conference DTCC 2023 DBA Night: The Open Source Licensing Issue of PostgreSQL vs MySQL
2023-08-09 Live Debate Open Source Musings, Episode 1 MySQL vs PostgreSQL, Who is the World’s Number One?
2023-07-01 Tech Conference SACC 2023 Workshop 8: FinOps Practices: Cloud Cost Management and Optimization
2023-05-12 Offline Event PostgreSQL China Community Wenzhou Offline Salon PG With DB4AI: Vector Database PGVECTOR & AI4DB: Autonomous Driving Database Pigsty
2023-04-08 Tech Conference Database Carnival 2023 A Better Open Source RDS Alternative: Pigsty
2023-04-01 Tech Conference PostgreSQL China Community Xi’an Offline Salon Best Practices for High Availability and Disaster Recovery in PG
2023-03-23 Public Livestream Bytebase x Pigsty Best Practices for Managing PostgreSQL: Bytebase x Pigsty
2023-03-04 Tech Conference PostgreSQL China Tech Conference Bombarding RDS, Release of Pigsty v2.0
2023-02-01 Tech Conference DTCC 2022 Open Source RDS Alternatives: Out-of-the-Box, Self-Driving Database Edition Pigsty
2022-07-21 Live Debate Can Open Source Fight Back Against Cloud Cannibalization? Can Open Source Fight Back Against Cloud Cannibalization?
2022-07-04 Exclusive Interview Creators Speak Post-90s, Quitting Job to Entrepreneur, Aiming to Outperform Cloud Databases
2022-06-28 Public Livestream Beth’s Roundtable SQL Review Best Practices
2022-06-12 Public Roadshow MiraclePlus S22 Demo Day Cost-Effective Database Edition Pigsty
2022-06-05 Video Livestream PG Chinese Community Livestream Sharing Quick Start with New Features of Pigstyv1.5 & Building Production Clusters

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