Visualization Applet

Run data analysis & visualization, data app demo with Pigsty


An Applet is a self-contained, data-driven mini-application that runs within the Pigsty infrastructure.

A typical Pigsty application includes at least one or all of the following components:

  • Graphical Interface (Grafana Dashboard definitions) located in the ui directory
  • Data Definitions (PostgreSQL DDL Files) located in the sql directory
  • Data Files (various resources that need to be downloaded) located in the data directory
  • Logic Scripts (scripts for executing various logic) located in the bin directory

Pigsty comes with several sample applications by default:

  • pglog: Analyzes PostgreSQL CSV log samples.
  • covid: Visualizes WHO COVID-19 data and allows you to check pandemic data by country.
  • isd: NOAA ISD, which provides access to meteorological observation records from 30,000 surface weather stations worldwide since 1901.


A Pigsty applet provides an installation script in its root directory: install or a related shortcut. You need to run this script as an admin user on the admin node to execute the installation. The installation script will detect the current environment (fetching METADB_URL, PIGSTY_HOME, GRAFANA_ENDPOINT, etc.) to complete the installation.

Typically, dashboards with the APP tag will be listed in the Pigsty Grafana homepage navigation under the Apps dropdown menu, and dashboards with both APP and OVERVIEW tags will be listed in the homepage panel navigation.

Analyse CSVLOG Sample with the built-in PGLOG

Analyse CSVLOG Sample with the built-in PGLOG

NOAA ISD Station

Fetch, Parse, Analyze, and Visualize Integrated Surface Weather Station Dataset

WHO COVID-19 Data Analysis

Pigsty built-in application which visualize WHO covid-19 data

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