PostgREST: Generate REST API from Schema

Launch postgREST to generate REST API from PostgreSQL schema automatically

PostgREST is a binary component that automatically generates a REST API based on the PostgreSQL database schema.

For example, the following command will launch postgrest with docker (local port 8884, using default admin user, and expose Pigsty CMDB schema):

docker run --init --name postgrest --restart always --detach --publish 8884:8081 postgrest/postgrest

Visit will show all auto-generated API definitions and automatically expose API documentation using Swagger Editor.

If you wish to perform CRUD operations and design more fine-grained permission control, please refer to Tutorial 1 - The Golden Key to generate a signed JWT.

This is an example of creating pigsty cmdb API with PostgREST

cd ~/pigsty/app/postgrest ; docker-compose up -d is the default endpoint for PostgREST is the default api docs for PostgREST

make up         # pull up postgrest with docker-compose
make run        # launch postgrest with docker
make ui         # run swagger ui container
make view       # print postgrest access point
make log        # tail -f postgrest logs
make info       # introspect postgrest with jq
make stop       # stop postgrest container
make clean      # remove postgrest container
make rmui       # remove swagger ui container
make pull       # pull latest postgrest image
make rmi        # remove postgrest image
make save       # save postgrest image to /tmp/postgrest.tgz
make load       # load postgrest image from /tmp

Swagger UI

Launch a swagger OpenAPI UI and visualize PostgREST API on 8883 with:

docker run --init --name postgrest --name swagger -p 8883:8080 -e API_URL= swaggerapi/swagger-ui
# docker run -d -e API_URL= -p 8883:8080 swaggerapi/swagger-editor # swagger editor


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