Kong: the Nginx API Gateway

Learn how to deploy Kong, the API gateway, with Docker Compose and use external PostgreSQL as the backend database


cd app/kong ; docker-compose up -d
make up         # pull up kong with docker-compose
make ui         # run swagger ui container
make log        # tail -f kong logs
make info       # introspect kong with jq
make stop       # stop kong container
make clean      # remove kong container
make rmui       # remove swagger ui container
make pull       # pull latest kong image
make rmi        # remove kong image
make save       # save kong image to /tmp/kong.tgz
make load       # load kong image from /tmp


  • Default Port: 8000
  • Default SSL Port: 8443
  • Default Admin Port: 8001
  • Default Postgres Database: postgres://dbuser_kong:[email protected]:5432/kong
# postgres://dbuser_kong:[email protected]:5432/kong
- { name: kong, owner: dbuser_kong, revokeconn: true , comment: kong the api gateway database }
- { name: dbuser_kong, password: DBUser.Kong , pgbouncer: true , roles: [ dbrole_admin ] }

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