This section lists the available feature modules within Pigsty, and future planning modules

Core Modules

Pigsty offers four CORE modules, which are essential for providing PostgreSQL service:

  • PGSQL : An autonomous, highly available PostgreSQL cluster powered by Patroni, Pgbouncer, HAproxy, PgBackrest, and others.
  • INFRA : Local software repository, Prometheus, Grafana, Loki, AlertManager, PushGateway, Blackbox Exporter, etc.
  • NODE : Adjusts the node to the desired state, name, time zone, NTP, ssh, sudo, haproxy, docker, promtail, keepalived.
  • ETCD : Distributed key-value store, serving as the DCS (Distributed Consensus System) for the highly available Postgres cluster: consensus leadership election, configuration management, service discovery.

Extended Modules

Pigsty offers four OPTIONAL modules,which are not necessary for the core functionality but can enhance the capabilities of PostgreSQL:

  • MINIO: S3-compatible simple object storage server, serving as an optional PostgreSQL database backup repository with production deployment support and monitoring.
  • REDIS: Redis server, a high-performance data structure server supporting standalone master-slave, sentinel, and cluster mode production deployments, with comprehensive monitoring support.
  • MONGO: Native deployment support for FerertDB — adding MongoDB wire protocol level API compatibility to PostgreSQL!
  • DOCKER: Docker Daemon service, allowing users to easily deploy containerized stateless software tool templates, adding various functionalities.

Pilot Modules

Pigsty includes some pilot and planned functional modules. If you’re interested, you may consider trying them out and providing us with suggestions and feedback:

  • DUCK: Pigsty by default includes DuckDB in the offline software package, offering powerful standalone embedded analytics capabilities (Beta).
  • CLOUD:Pigsty plans to use SealOS to provide out-of-the-box production-grade Kubernetes deployment and monitoring support (Beta).
  • MYSQL:Pigsty is researching adding high-availability deployment support for MySQL as an optional extension feature (Alpha).
  • GPSQL:Pigsty plans to support production-level deployment of Greenplum (Alpha).
  • KAFKA:Pigsty plans to offer message queue support (Draft).

Docker Modules

Pigsty also provides some services that can be quickly deployed through the DOCKER module, such as various second-order “databases” that use PostgreSQL as the actual state storage:

  • Supabase: An open-source alternative to Firebase based on PostgreSQL. Pigsty provides the necessary extensions in EL series operating systems to allow you to quickly set up Supabase.
  • FerretDB: An open-source MongoDB alternative based on PostgreSQL. You can quickly deploy containerized FerretDB using Docker Compose.
  • NocoDB: An open-source AirTable alternative based on PostgreSQL, offering low-code application development capabilities. If you need a Web Excel, consider using NocoDB.
  • Metabase: Enables quick in-database data analysis with a friendly web interface toolbox. When you need to explore data in PostgreSQL, consider using Metabase.

Monitoring Other Databases

Pigsty’s INFRA module can be used independently as a plug-and-play monitoring infrastructure for other nodes or existing PostgreSQL databases:

  • Existing PostgreSQL services: Pigsty can monitor external, non-Pigsty managed PostgreSQL services, still providing relatively complete monitoring support.
  • RDS PG: Cloud vendor-provided PostgreSQL RDS services, treated as standard external Postgres instances for monitoring.
  • PolarDB: Alibaba Cloud’s cloud-native database, treated as an external PostgreSQL 11 / 14 instance for monitoring.
  • KingBase: A trusted domestic database provided by People’s University of China, treated as an external PostgreSQL 12 instance for monitoring.
  • Greenplum / YMatrixDB monitoring, currently treated as horizontally partitioned PostgreSQL clusters for monitoring.

Moreover, Pigsty is planning to support monitoring other types of database systems:

  • MySQL: Pigsty currently offers preliminary support for MySQL monitoring (Alpha).
  • Kafka: Pigsty plans to provide monitoring support for Kafka (planned).
  • MongoDB: Pigsty plans to provide monitoring support for MongoDB (planned).

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