v2.3: Ecosystem Applications

PGSQL/REDIS Update, NODE VIP, Mongo/FerretDB, MYSQL Stub


PGSQL/REDIS Update, NODE VIP, Mongo/FerretDB, MYSQL Stub

Get started with bash -c "$(curl -fsSL https://get.pigsty.cc/latest)"


  • INFRA: NODE/PGSQL VIP monitoring support
  • NODE: Allow bind node_vip to node cluster with keepalived
  • REPO: Dedicate yum repo, enable https for get.pigsty.cc and demo.pigsty.cc
  • PGSQL: Fix CVE-2023-39417 with PostgreSQL 15.4, 14.9, 13.12, 12.16, bump patroni version to v3.1.0
  • APP: Bump app/bytebase to v2.6.0, app/ferretdb version to v1.8, new application nocodb
  • REDIS: bump to v7.2 and rework on dashboards
  • MONGO: basic deploy & monitor support with FerretDB 1.8
  • MYSQL: add prometheus/grafana/ca stub for future implementation.

API Change

Add 1 new section NODE.NODE_VIP with 8 new parameter

  • NODE.VIP.vip_enabled : enable vip on this node cluster?
  • NODE.VIP.vip_address : node vip address in ipv4 format, required if vip is enabled
  • NODE.VIP.vip_vrid : required, integer, 1-255 should be unique among same VLAN
  • NODE.VIP.vip_role : master/backup, backup by default, use as init role
  • NODE.VIP.vip_preempt : optional, true/false, false by default, enable vip preemption
  • NODE.VIP.vip_interface : node vip network interface to listen, eth0 by default
  • NODE.VIP.vip_dns_suffix : node vip dns name suffix, .vip by default
  • NODE.VIP.vip_exporter_port : keepalived exporter listen port, 9650 by default
MD5 (pigsty-pkg-v2.3.0.el7.x86_64.tgz) = 81db95f1c591008725175d280ad23615
MD5 (pigsty-pkg-v2.3.0.el8.x86_64.tgz) = 6f4d169b36f6ec4aa33bfd5901c9abbe
MD5 (pigsty-pkg-v2.3.0.el9.x86_64.tgz) = 4bc9ae920e7de6dd8988ca7ee681459d


Get started with bash -c "$(curl -fsSL https://get.pigsty.cc/latest)".


  • PGVector 0.5 with HNSW index support
  • PostgreSQL 16 RC1 for el8/el9 ** Adding SealOS for kubernetes support

Bug Fix

  • Fix infra.repo.repo_pkg task when downloading rpm with * in their names in repo_packages.
    • if /www/pigsty already have package name match that pattern, some rpm will be skipped.
  • Change default value of vip_dns_suffix to '' empty string rather than .vip
  • Grant sudo privilege for postgres dbsu when pg_dbsu_sudo = limit and patroni_watchdog_mode = required
    • /usr/bin/sudo /sbin/modprobe softdog: enable watchdog module before launching patroni
    • /usr/bin/sudo /bin/chown {{ pg_dbsu }} /dev/watchdog: chown watchdog before launching patroni

Documentation Update

  • Add details to English documentation
  • Add Chinese/zh-cn documentation

Software Upgrade

  • PostgreSQL 16 RC1 on el8/el9
  • PGVector 0.5.0 with hnsw index
  • TimescaleDB 2.11.2
  • grafana 10.1.0
  • loki & promtail 2.8.4
  • mcli-20230829225506 / minio-20230829230735
  • ferretdb 1.9
  • sealos 4.3.3
  • pgbadger 1.12.2
ce69791eb622fa87c543096cdf11f970  pigsty-pkg-v2.3.1.el7.x86_64.tgz
495aba9d6d18ce1ebed6271e6c96b63a  pigsty-pkg-v2.3.1.el8.x86_64.tgz
38b45582cbc337ff363144980d0d7b64  pigsty-pkg-v2.3.1.el9.x86_64.tgz
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